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Otunba Adenkule Aderonmu idealized the African Cultural Center, which operates in the city of São Paulo, an institution whose main objectives are to promote cultural, social and religion between Brazil and the African continent.



Solidarity does not just mean acknowledging the delicate situation of a person or social group, but also consists of the act of helping these helpless people. Delivery of Basic Baskets at the African Cultural Center

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African Cultural Center

Night of Odara  the tough black force honored the 21st edition of the black personalities awards

for Prize  happened at Clube Desportivo da Penha. July 2022


Africa Brazil Award took place at the Latin America Memorial. President Adekunle Aderonmu Ogunjimi of the African Cultural Center, received at this event personalities, companies and governments with actions that directly benefit the Afro-Brazilian community. May 2022


7th Prize
Áse – Ìsese
African Cultural Center

Ásé – Ìsese Awards, now in its seventh edition, to reward African-based institutions that work with communities and fight religious intolerance, while supporting it committed to publicizing its history and performance in these operations.

These religions are worshiped according to their traditions since they were brought to Brazil by African slaves. Always with an outlook and vision for a better future and innovating in some concepts. However, the objective is always to help others to obtain a satisfactory result regarding spiritual, physical, emotional ills and to develop educational and social action programs.

Oct 2022
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Livro de OGUN.jpg
Book of Ogun
cultural Center

There are many legends about this Orisha, but in all of them it is clear that ògún is the lord of demands, law, struggles and battles.

Some say that Ògún is the brother of Oxóssi and Exú, who are all children of Iemanjá, others that Ògún is the protector of the military, in short, in my conception and the way I understand Ògún, this is an orixá of the Law, who responds to all who invoke him in search of help for their ills and sufferings, Lord who overcomes the demands, who guards our paths, who watches over us. 

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